We have been organising cultural journeys to the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East since 1996.

Most of our journeys are accompanied by a guest scholar who is responsible for providing a strong educational component to the trip. Our philosophy is very much that of the ‘caravanserai’ – a chance to meet other travellers in comfortable if unusual surroundings, to learn, exchange views and understand more of our world.

The experts that accompany our trips are not just excellent in their fields but fine communicators and good travelling companions. We go to great effort in arranging special meals, private meetings and behind the scenes visits.

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'Mark was an inspired choice as leader. His knowledge of the people, country, language was exceptional. Anil (local guide) was fascinating - a sort of one man National Trust. Purna the trekking guide was a wonderful. His English was very good; he was knowledgeable about the area and unfailingly helpful. This holiday was one of the most memorable I've ever had. Nepal and its people were fascinating and the excellent standard of leadership and organisation allowed us to appreciate it to the full.'

‘All of the journeys [with Oxford University] were excellent, but the trip to Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro was outstanding. The party itself was wonderful and our accompanying expert, Mrs Nirvana Romell, was outstanding. Meals included in the trip had been specially selected by Nirvana – we enjoyed a wonderful variation of local specialities and of such a high standard.'

'Firstly I would like say how very much I personally enjoyed this unique trip and count myself fortunate to have been able to join such a happy and delightful party. Your arrangements were meticulous and things seemed to run on well oiled wheels. The choice of hotels was both excellent and beautifully situated as one appreciated the beauty and peace of the Grand Hotel in enchanting Luang Prabang. As noted the local guides were splendid and ever eager to explain and offer helpful advice. Savuth in Angkor was outstanding. Denise's lectures were a joy and beautifully prepared and delivered. I look back with such pleasure at twelve days of wonderment and fascination and now I am reading voraciously!' A Journey through Indochina: Cambodia and Laos

'Dr Greeenbaum was an outstanding leader with incredible knowledge imparted with balance and humour. His unstinting efforts to give us he best experience led the overall fantastic success of the trip. We ended up with a vast amount of information which only now, having done a lot more research and reading, have we been able to assimilate. The trip was well balanced with every day having a significant wow factor. We appreciated a lot of the added and unexpected extras and the price of the trip was very reasonable for the quality of the experience. We have recommended the trip to several friends since returning.' Crossing the Ancient Silk Road: China and Central Asia

'The meeting in Tbilisi with the head of the Strategic Studies Centre, in which he spoke to us with suppressed emotion, revealed to us as much as anything the political factors operating in Georgia today. Our visit to the cathedral on a Sunday, when scores of people were celebrating a Sung Eucharist, will always stay in my memory. The harmonised singing of the liturgy was an inspiration.' Georgia and Armenia

'We were captivated by Dr Ramble's knowledge and passion for his subject. I think we were extraordinarily fortunate to be accompanied by someone who is surely one of the pre-eminent scholars in this field of study. He was an excellent travelling companion and central to the group's cohesiveness and good humour. His unflappable approach, local knowledge ensured that difficult situations were resolved and the trip always ran smoothly; the star of the trip!' Tibet: Across the Roof of the World

'After our splendid tour of China with Distant Horizons we had every confidence that the tour of Central Asia would be as good and we were absolutely right. The sights were wonderful and we felt very looked after. We travel a lot but this was certainly one of our best holidays. We are extremely grateful to Distant Horizons for having the courage and commitment to organise such an imaginative and challenging itinerary. Few organisations seem to tackle the road frontier crossings which although tedious at times gave us great insights and also enabled us to experience such exciting landscapes as the Karakoram Desert in Turkmenistan and crossing the Oxus." Central Asia

Distant Horizons works with some of the UK’s leading cultural organisations on their travel programmes such as;

University of Cambridge
Oxford University
Royal Society of Asian Affairs
SOAS University of London