Exploring Romania; Walks in the Enchanted Land15 - 26 September, 2020

Trip Dates:
15 - 26 September, 2020
Trip Price: £1980 not including international flights
Single Room Supplement: £260
Trip Length: 12 days

Fully one third of Romania is mountainous and the great sweep of the Carpathian Mountains is home to the last few remaining expanses of wilderness landscape in Europe. For many walkers, this is Europe’s most rewarding country both culturally and scenically. This specially crafted itinerary offers a chance to discover a pastoral European scene and way of life, set amongst spectacularly beautiful mountains which has long since disappeared elsewhere. With its wealth of ancient Orthodox monasteries, local traditions, music, costume and food, Romania is a cultural treasure trove.

Dr O’Reilley will show that this cultural heritage in the two former principalities of Transylvania and Moldavia which are the focus of this journey and the third Wallachia (in the south) that make up much of the modem state of Romania is composed of elements derived from numerous outside influences. Over the course of its turbulent history, Romania has been subjected to the cultural influences of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Slav, Bulgarian and Hungarian invaders, Byzantium, from German settlers, from the Ottoman Turks and from the Habsburg empire. All these have blended with one another and with the ancient indigenous civilization of the Geto-Dacians to give Romania one of the richest and most varied cultures in Europe with its wonderful art and architecture.

The journey begins in Bucovina in Moldavia, in the northeast of the country; a continuation of the Ukrainian steppe which lies between the Carpathians  and the  Black Sea. Moldavia is traditionally the most hospitable region of Romania and home to some of the most important of the magnificent Moldavian painted churches. These churches, which are generally associated with monastic foundations are situated in surroundings of outstanding natural beauty and constitute one of Romania's most original contributions to a European artistic heritage.

From Bucovina, the party will follow a seven day spectacular trail of alpine ridges and trails into the beautiful region of Transylvania  where majestic forests cloak the mountain slopes,  speckled with verdant meadows. Here are the great historic Saxon citadels of Sighisoara and Sibiu. But Transylvania has a fame which surpasses mere history. In the collective imagination.  it has become a place of fantasy derived from a folklore which is a fecund mix of pagan and Christian beliefs, nourished by a society that after centuries of hardly changing  is only just beginning to leave the land. 


Maximum Party Size: 16

Trip Leader: Dr William O'Reilly

William O'Reilly has worked on a range of topics in early modern European and Atlantic history, and is particularly interested in the history of European migration, colonialism and imperialism. Since taking his DPhil at Oxford in 2003, William O'Reilly has taught early modern History at the University of Cambridge. He  was previously Lecturer in History at the National University of Ireland, Galway and has also been a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study in Budapest.


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Exploring Romania; Walks in the Enchanted Land Trip Comments:

‘All the members of the team in Romania put themselves out for us. Their love and loyalty to Romania was impressive. The worked well together as a team and ensured that we had a very enjoyable trip.’
‘The visit to the jail gave us an invaluable insight into some of the horrors of the Ceausescu era – interesting how a single work of art says more than hundreds of words.’
‘The trip was extremely interesting both for the political background, the spectacular scenery and for the buildings and paintings. I would not have missed it.’
‘A very well organised and enjoyable trip. It was interesting to contrast the expert’s view with the view on the ground from the local guide’