The Russian North: A Journey from St Petersburg to Moscow08 - 15 September, 2019

Trip Dates:
08 - 15 September, 2019
Trip Price: £2360 not including international flights
Single Room Supplement: £320
Trip Length: 8 days

This is a journey to the unchanged Russian North offering a unique opportunity to see historic and picturesque Russia, undamaged by world wars or Soviet industrialisation. For many, this is the true ‘heart’ of Russia where Russians have lived since Viking times, the virtually flat landscape is broken only by tall pines and the gleaming cupolas of churches. Because of its relative inaccessibility there are hardly any tourists who venture into these beautiful lands, dotted with some of Russia architectural and artistic jewels.

Prior to the foundation of St. Petersburg in 1703 which gave Russia the outlet to Europe, great cities, towns and monasteries were built in this region. These all became significant trading centres during the 16th and 17th centuries. Though trade has since moved elsewhere, the towns remain picturesque with fleets of white stone cathedrals and kremlins bearing witness to the former prosperity of the North. Here is Russia in the raw and maybe the country’s true soul. Indeed perhaps the greatest joy of this journey is to witness the dynamic resurgence of orthodox faith after nearly a century of atheism and communist rule. 

Maximum Party Size: 20

Trip Leader: Professor Alexei Leporc

Professor Alexei Leporc is a Curator of Western European Art at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. He is also Professor of 15th – 20th Century West European art and architecture at St Petersburg Europe University and has previously held research and teaching positions at Institutes of Art History in Vienna, Munich and Berlin. He has accompanied ten very successful alumni visits to Russia and Eastern Europe.

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The Russian North: A Journey from St Petersburg to Moscow Trip Comments:

‘I enjoyed the trip tremendously, so many thanks to all the people in England and Russia who contributed to it smooth running.’
‘We so enjoyed this trip. Alexei [Leporc] had such a breadth of knowledge and lovely sense of humour.’
‘Professor Leporc was wonderful ..... Overall for us the trip was a marvellous success’.
‘We really enjoyed the whole trip. Very well organised, great attention to detail, much consideration.’