A Journey Through Ladakh28 July - 11 August, 2018

Trip Dates:
28 August - 11 September, 2018
Trip Price: £3340
Single Room Supplement: £390
Trip Length: 15 days

Cradled by the mighty Himalayan and Karakorum mountain ranges, the remote kingdom of Ladakh is a region of spectacular landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Ladakh is strategically located between the historic mercantile towns of south and Central Asia. Over many centuries, salt, spice and silk caravans journeyed across these silent valleys and huge open spaces. This was a region crucial to the transmission of Buddhism from India to Tibet.

The party will visit the ancient settlements of Leh, Basgo and Shey; all capitals of the historic kingdoms within Tibet’s cultural sphere, attracting trade, prosperity and new faiths. The party will cross the highest motorable pass in the Himalayas and journey to the magical Nubra valley as well as visiting the early temples of Alchi and Mangyu.

Today, Ladakh is the only major region in the world, where the Tibetan religion and culture can be practiced (and thrives) free of outside influences. For many, Ladakh with its extraordinary landscape and cultural jewels, is a truly mysterious land shrouded in myths and legends.

Please note due to a temporary problem with the website the dates at the top of this page are incorrect - the dates of the trip are 28 August - 11 September, 2018.

Maximum Party Size: 14

Trip Leader: Zara Fleming

Zara Fleming is a cultural historian specialising in Himalayan history, art and culture. Since her first visit to Nepal in 1973, she has worked and travelled extensively in the region and has accompanied 15 journeys to the Himalayas for Distant Horizons including two to Ladakh. Comments from previous travellers on these journeys are given at the end of this itinerary. She is also the Vice-President of the Tibet Society and Tibet Relief Fund of the UK.

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A Journey Through Ladakh Trip Comments:

‘Zara was wonderful not only for her knowledge but also her humour, patience and calm in the face of the unexpected. Stanzin [Ladakh guide] could not be bettered for kindness, attentiveness, full of useful information. He was also very well organised and enthusiastic.’
‘Our journey to Ladakh was very memorable and special and a big thank you for all the organisation. Zara was an outstanding accompanying expert not only with her immense scholarly knowledge of her subject but as someone so well-known and respected in the area. It opened doors to Ladakhi life which a normal ‘traveller’ would not see.’
‘I had been with Zara on a previous Distant Horizons trip to Tibet some eight years ago, so it was good to renew a very happy acquaintance and “compare and contrast” what we had seen in Tibet with Ladkah. The local guide, Stanzin, was also excellent and all the drivers were very helpful and attentive – with a good sense of humour! This was my fifth Distant Horizons trip and I have the highest praise for the interest of their trips and their organisation of them.’
‘You get really fond of the drivers; they all drove very well and I always felt safe - given the terrain that’s brilliant – attentive, kind and cheerful and often helped us way beyond driving.’